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The Third Molar Experience With One-on-One Mentorship (In Person OR Online)

Time to Take on Impacted Third Molars in your Practice! 



(In-Person Mentorship depends on your practice location. We will see your patients and work through your cases TOGETHER)

Time to Take on Impacted Third Molars in your Practice - BUT SKIP THE LEARNING CURVE!

I AM YOUR PERSONAL HYPE MAN - Holding your Hand through Pre-Operative Assessments, Surgical Planning and Complication Management.

Let me GUIDE you through ALL the steps involved in 3rd Molar Extractions from Treatment planning, Risk Assessment, Armamentarium, Surgical Procedures and Complication Management.

Learn all my Surgical Tips and Tricks to Safely and Efficiently Extract Impacted 3rd Molars in your Practice. 

  • What you'll get:

    • Over 200+ On-Demand Clinical Videos and Lessons 
    • 21 PACE AGD Continuing Education Credits 
    • IN PERSON, ONE-ON-ONE MENTORSHIP OF YOUR OWN SURGICAL CASES OR 6 One-on-One Video Sessions going over YOUR CASES, giving you Tips & Tricks setting you up for Success
    • Access to Dr. Jamal's Inner Circle Group including Personal Cell Phone number, Email Address and Group
    • The Ability to Learn from my failures so you don't have to
    • Feel comfortable Assessing Risk and Potential Surgical Concerns PRIOR to getting stuck on a case
    • Shake off the Fear of Third Molar Extractions


What People Are Saying:

I just want to take a moment and tell you all about this amazing course. I have taken the AGD surgical course few years ago which was covering 3rd molar extraction. I also took Arun Garg’s course in Dominican Republic that you do 3rd molar exo in live patient. Both courses were good and I learned from them BUT this course by Dr. Jamal is something else. I mean it , this is beyond unbelievable. First of all, it is so much more affordable than Arun and AGD course for what you are getting . Honestly, I would pay 3 times what I paid for it now that I know the content of it. This course will blow your mind. It has so much little details that I never thought about after taking the other 2 course . It is as complete as it can get. He does not leave out any details. I did some wisdom teeth after taking Arun’s course and got stuck in some cases and now that I take Dr. Jamal’s course , I know why !!! I know how to avoid them and I know how to plan my cases. He has a crazy positive energy that will motivate you to be better at extraction and better as a clinician. He talks about everything , all you need to know . I feel so much more confident about what I am doing now. How to look at the case , how to plan it and how to execute it. I know there is all to know when it comes to the 3rd molar and I never felt this way after the other courses that I took. I have taken over 500 CE hours in the past 5 years and this is by far , the best money I spent. I just can’t say enough about it and I hope you all do yourself a favor and take this course. If you want more information , contact me and I will give you more detail about this course. I just want everyone to know about this course and the value that it has because I think Dr. Jamal did an outstanding job with his content.

Dr. S Charkhandeh

Best CE course i’ve taken. It’s made case selection a breeze. The one on one component which allowed me to go over and prepare for my own cases with Dr. Jamal was invaluable. Nekky is the man!

Dr. K Tomchuk

This course has surpassed all of my expectations. I originally took it as a refresher after taking Dr. Garg’s live wisdom tooth extraction course in Dominican Republic. I found Dr. Nekky’s course MUCH more helpful and informative, giving the confidence I need, and you can’t beat the price for all the knowledge he provides. Dr. Nekky is a star! His passion is infectious, making each video exciting to watch. His depth of knowledge with regards to extractions is immense and he presents this all in an extremely well organized, easy to follow format. I find myself easily navigating to the section that is specific to a case I will be embarking on and refreshing key knowledge, making me even more comfortable with a particular case. The live videos are very clear and help reinforce the fundamental techniques required to successfully extract wisdom teeth. After watching his videos, I feel so much more confident with attacking cases. Thank you Dr. Nekky for sharing your knowledge in this incredible wisdom tooth extraction course! To anyone thinking about taking this course, don’t think twice, take it and become proficient at wisdom teeth extractions sooner rather than later.

Dr. D Sorichetti

WOW! This is the best course I have taken! I’ve learned more about extractions taking this course then I did in dental school or any other CE course I’ve taken. The information is so practical and the videos are awesome learning tools. Dr. Nekky is incredibly knowledgeable and really entertaining to watch. I found myself slowing the videos down to make sure I was getting all the information compared to most CE videos where I watch them on 1.5x. I have gained incredible knowledge in surgical extractions in general from this course and have become more confident as a result. I no longer fear extracting root canal treated teeth, curved roots, or impacted wisdom teeth. I have gained the knowledge to effectively treatment plan and plan for any issues that may arise. Dr. Nekky is like your personal hype person who wants you to succeed and works one on one with you to help you get to where you need to be. I highly recommend the mentorship component of the course!

Dr. C Bertsch

BEST CE COURSE! The course is perfectly organized, includes videos of Nekky sharing his invaluable wisdom as well as corresponding clinical videos which help to solidify the concepts in your mind. Includes how to do proper case selection (very important for success!), how to tackle complications, how to approach different types of impactions, etc. The organization is so well done that whenever I need a little refresher before I tackle a case, I can go directly to that video without having to sift through a bunch of videos. There is absolutely no “fluff” in this program, every single video and tip that Nekky shares is incredibly helpful. Basically this course has nearly everything you need to know to tackle wisdom teeth as a general dentist, I gained so much confidence after taking this course. Nekky himself is so down to earth, energetic and very kind. One of the best people I’ve met so far in the profession. This course is totally worth the investment, you’ll pay it off with just a few wisdom tooth cases! And you will find yourself so excited to put all of the information you learn to work as soon as possible. Highly recommend!

Dr. L Mirzai